2016 US Open Wagering

Flushing Meadows is in the swing of things as 2016 US Open Wagering is already seen some huge profits.  The atmosphere and weather have worn down even some of the higher seeds.  Good afternoon and thank you for checking in with APEX Sports Betting.  Today, we look at not only the recent events here but what we can expect going forward so that we can pocket that profit from the likes of Americas Bookie in the upcoming week.

2016 US Open Wagering : Watch the Weather

Heat has been the bane of some players.  Big issue on whether cramping is a medical condition worthy of a timeout or just a lack of fitness?  Konta of Great Britain was in a second round battle with Pironkova.  Watch what happened in front of our eyes in the second set.

Thanks for Riccarton Raccoon for posting this on Youtube.

Now the benefit of the doubt has to go to the player if they should such an extreme reaction. The problem is that players in the past have milked this to collect themselves and stop momentum.  Konta went on to win the match but could a person under such distress come back at world class level and win a three set match?

Now Wet and Wind

Raonic at the #5 seed got hit with cramps in the third set and lost the fourth 6-1.  This is more of a realistic result from someone cramping.  Thursday saw lots of rain and delays in play. Friday is windy and this certainly helped Sock’s first set break over Cilic.  Power players are going to be more vulnerable to being broken because their margin of error on their groundstrokes are slimmer.

This is why the weather reports of Flushing Meadows are vital.  Hot weather helps the power players.  Cool days or windy ones are profitable for the counter punchers.  Just knowing these environmental factors with a basic knowledge of the players puts you on a level where you can beat the game for profit.  Good fortune today and we will see you next time here at Apex Sports.