Basic Bet Types for NBA Western Conference Finals 5/19

With an over 20 percent ratings jump from last year, the Western Conference finals is a bastion of profit for basic bet types involving the NBA.  Good afternoon and welcome to APEX Sports Betting.  Today, we look at basketball not only for the quality entertainment product but as a method to make money.  Availing superior sporting wisdom, the average fan has a great opportunity to line their pockets with cash from the Warriors Thunder series going on right now.

Basic Bet Types : Even Series

Oklahoma City stole game one in a style that was had their lockdown defense stifle Curry and company in the fourth quarter.  Game Two saw a jailbreak of offensive output as Golden State swept away the Thunder for a convincing victory.  The final result is a series that will see plenty people on both sides of the fence putting up their money.  This is the ideal time to get your feet wet in sports wagering.  Over at High Street Betting, they have developed an excellent starter on the basic bets available to make money right away.  Let APEX Sports Betting assist you in Game Three of the Western Conference Finals.

At Oklahoma City

An even series headed back to the home court of the Thunder is advantage to Oklahoma City.  We see that their most tangible advantage translates well in this matchup.  Rebounding got them distinct advantages that Golden State does not normally cede.  Yes, they may shoot the lights out in a game but a best of seven series usually sees a return to Earth for the hot team.  The difference in this matchup for Game Three on 5/20 has the Warriors as the road favorite.  Degree of separation is currently at the 2 1/2 to three point level.

Into the heart of enemy territory and they are still the favorite bestows the respect the defending champs get on a nightly basis.  Now if you were to think that traditional basketball will win out here, bolster the rebounding edge with a bet on the Thunder for Game Three.  One even gets a three point parachute to safely land on in case of a close game if you elect to take the Thunder right now for Game 3.  Be sure to invest in a quality sports book like America’s Bookie where winners get paid in rapid fashion.  Good fortune in your sports investing and we will see you next time here at APEX Sports.