How to Bet on MLB Regular Season Win Totals

Just because it’s the off-season, doesn’t mean you can’t be placing MLB bets. Every off-season, bookies release regular season MLB win totals for every baseball team. These popular season-long futures bets are not only fun, but can be profitable as well.

Here’s an example of an MLB regular season win totals future bet:

Chicago Cubs 85.5 Wins (Over –120 / Under –110)

If you didn’t notice, these futures are juiced up ($.30 lines). The betting limits are also going to be low for this market, but you can spread your action around to a few bookies if need be.

Essentially, the Cubs need to win 86+ games for the over to win or they need to win 85 or fewer games for under backers to cash. It’s that simple. Anyone can have fun with this bet.

Tips for Winning MLB Regular Season Win Total Bets

Some casual bettors simply bet on the team they cheer on and that’s fine. It gives you some action on your home team for an entire MLB season, which limits your risk exposure.

Now, if you have a bankroll and want to invest in these types of MLB futures markets, I have some tips that you can use to help you cash in on MLB regular season win totals.

A big free agent signing or two can move the needle a bit for any team, but bettors overestimate the impact one or two players will have on a new team. It’s important to study the entire roster. This is a season-long futures bet and not a single game. There will be roster turnover during a full season.

The next step is taking a look at the other teams in the same division. Each team in MLB plays every divisional opponent 19 times for a total of 76 games, that’s a lot of games! If you plan on betting over on a team’s win totals, you better be confident they’ll perform well against divisional rivals.

When you have a team you want to bet on, the next step is to find the best line. This is especially important with MLB regular season win totals because the betting lines can vary so widely.

It’s not uncommon to find one bookie with a line at 85.5 games and another at 84.5 or 87 games. You want to make sure you get the best line because every game counts with these bets.

Negatives of MLB Futures Bets

About the only negative with MLB futures bets is that your money is locked up for the entire season, which may matter to some bettors depending upon the size of their bankroll. 

If you’re operating with a small bankroll, you don’t want to lock up all of your money in a futures market. It’s smarter to keep your bankroll to bet on free expert MLB picks all season instead.

You need volume if you’re trying to grow your bankroll. If you need winning MLB picks then you need to sign-up for a free account at to get access to hundreds of sharp plays.