Increase Sports Wagering Expectation This Weekend

Sports wagering and investment are in high gear this spring.  The NBA and NHL playoffs are great sources of entertainment that can be converted into cold hard cash.  Baseball has emerged from April with some clear patterns that the oddsmakers have not grasped yet.  Good morning APEX Sports wagering fans.  Today we look at some of the key sporting events on tap this weekend, what the optimal avenues of profit might be, and how to get into the game right now at America’s Bookie

Sports Wagering Expectation : Point Spread in Game Six

How can the oddsmakers put this line up and expect to have balanced betting?  We are looking at Game Six on Friday with the Raptors visiting the Heat.  Here we have the home town being the favorite to the tune of -4.  This spread is vulnerable on one side.  For those that would like a refresher on the theory and application of spreads in wagering, the folks at have a concise article that explains the theory of the spread in betting.  So the oddsmakers are telling me that with all their injuries and advanced age on that team that the Miami Heat are the favorite and I have to spot four points to Toronto.  Raptors not only won the last game but got DeMar DeRozan back into the swing of things.

  • NBA Money Maker Alert : Take the Raptors +4 for profit to propel your weekend with.

MLB Props : Team to Score First

Here is a prop wager that one can win and walk away with winnings right away.  Team to score first provides the adrenaline for baseball right out of the gate.  Normally the visitors have the advantage in this wager because they get to bat first.  However with the oddsmakers having to place values on every game in the league, there are some bets that just get a value from a mathematical formula.  For the fan with the discerning eye, lots of loose lines exist in this wager type.  Even the anemic road teams are often mistakingly given the chalk status.  For this weekend, here are two home teams that should score first two times out of their three home games.

  • Minnesota @ Cleveland
  • Atlanta visiting Kansas City

There we have it.  Profit potential of a high probability for the weekend.  Our friends at have broken down what the spread is in sports wagering. Visit them for other informational pieces to improve your sports handicapping.  Also do not forget to place those bets for our Free Picks at America’s Bookie.  A world of wagering options with the decade long reputation that winners can have cash in hand right away at America’s Bookie.  Thank you for visiting APEX Sports Betting and we will see you next week as we climb the ladder of sports wagering success together.