MLB Totals for Profit

MLB Totals for Profit

Summer’s heat is a sweet treat for those that wager MLB Totals for Profit.  A hearty hello and welcome back to APEX Sports Betting.  With much of the United States mired in a heat wave, the sweltering conditions can be cultivated for our advantage.  What characteristic of the atmosphere will be working for us on these occasions?  Let us continue our quest for profit today here at APEX Sports.

MLB Totals for Profit : Hot Humid Air

One condition of the air we breathe makes it prime for balls in flight.  Hot and humid air allows for easy travel outside of the ball park.  This is the condition that the oddsmakers have to cope with and quantify for the totals they set in each and every game.  So when a city like Chicago sizzles with 90 plus temps and 50% or above humidity at game time, the totals become inflated.  So how do we make our decisions on these games?  It is not based on offense but this factor.


The question about whether to bet on the total for the game or just one team lies in the momentum of the projected starters for the game.  While some other facets scream for our attention, this is the key in starting your decision making.  The last three games is the time frame one should embrace.  Both starters come in hot or cold during this stretch and we go for the game totals.  A difference between the momentum of the two causes us to look at the team totals instead of the entire game.  While not the end all of analysis, it does provide a quick launching point for smooth sailing in sports investment.

Easy money maker that provides us entertainment even when the teams are not in the playoff races.  In fact, franchises like the Twins and Braves often just get a cursory glance by the oddsmakers.  This short shrift is to our advantage as the money bet and won on them spends the same as the brand names in baseball.  Good fortune in your sports speculation and we will check in next time with more moneymakers here at APEX Sports Betting.