NASCAR Futures Who’s A Great Bet?

Charlotte North Carolina is the destination to be at this coming weekend as the drivers get ready for a pavement ball. NASCAR in general is getting more play from the online bookmakers than ever before and that’s due in large part to popularity and predictability. Although there are usually 30-40 cars in any given race, there are a select few in real contention to win the race and even fewer in contention to win the championship. There are several driver to think about when considering spending your hard-earned dollar on a great NASCAR future.

Top Ten:
Kevin Harvick 2/1
Kyle Busch 3/1
Marti Truex Jr. 5/1
Kyle Larson 6/1
Brad Keselowski 9/1
Chase Elliott
Joey Lagano 14/1
Denny Hamlin 18/1
Ryan Blaney 20/1
Jimmie Johnson 25/1

Now this is a fantastic list and a competitive list. All of these drivers have the capacity to win this championship. A few of them have already won and a couple have won multiple championships. Jimmie Johnson at 25/1 is a fantastic bet for one reason. When he drives, he is always in a race. He is almost never out of a race and he has the hardware to prove that he is the real deal of racing.

Big Month for betting on NASCAR

Find a top sportsbook for betting NASCAR and look for one that caters to American players. NASCAR and auto racing in general are hard to call when it comes to individual outcomes. Look at team, find out their points standing and find out what drivers are on any given team. It may not be easy to bet head to head and win, but it is easy to put two and two together and realize who the best drivers are with the best cars and pit crews.

Becoming a Bookie has never Been Easier

Charlotte is a great race simply because it’s the 600. This is a long race and there will be a very high number of folks that decide to join in and/or throw it all on a few of the better future bets. This race ends the first three months of NASCAR and it can be counted on to set the tone for the rest of the season. Charlotte my not get the notoriety that Daytona does but this is a bigger race in a lot of ways. What happens in Charlotte usually carries over.

Head to head matchups are always fun but less predictable than betting on the top 3 or the top 5. Think of betting on NASCAR as similar to betting on horses. You can pick a trifecta and that matters to not only the fans but to the drivers as well.

There are two great races to finish the game itself or at least have a common Find a bookie that offers all of the great futures numbers and one that understanding. That makes sense, make them work with you! Find a sports betting company that is willing to offer the wide variety of races right along with futures and prop odds. The rest of the way in NASCAR will be interesting indeed.