The Best Sites for NBA Betting Picks

Choosing a reliable NBA betting site is not that difficult. Why waste time doing hours of research comparing the various options to find a highly rated site that offers the best odds and overall experience? There is no need to when the pros at Scores & Stats do it for you. Combining years of experience with industry research allows us to find the best sites for NBA expert picks.

With all of our expertise in the industry, the one NBA betting site that stands out is Game Advisers. 

Game Advisers uses a unique and revolutionary betting advice system that combines sharp data, NBA expert picks, and tons of real data to come up with winning predictions.  The system is one of the things we look for in basketball betting sites.

The Best Odds

One of the things bettors covet is odds. Odds frequently change before tip-off and shopping for the best price and the best line can go a long way in raising a bettor’s winning percentage. Roughly 15 percent of all point spread bets are lost by a half point. Having access to the best odds on all NBA games is a must for bettors.

The top NBA sites offer a full set of real time betting odds covering the point spread, the total, and the moneyline. Bettors should also have access to opening and current lines to track any changes. You can never have too much good information.

Providing Value

Having the right information available is another key to betting success. Having the best odds is a start, but quality data is a huge help for NBA bettors. Sites that offer information like recent team trends are considered the best. 

They provide information such as how a team has done as a favorite or as an underdog. Bettors can see how a team has done as far as the total as well as a team’s record against the spread. Key injuries are also a vital piece of the puzzle. Knowing that a star player will miss a game due to injury changes a bettor’s thinking. All of this information is made available at the best NBA betting sites.

The Game Advisers Advantage

The top basketball betting sites simply don’t compare to the industry leader, Game Advisers. Their unique system sets them apart from the rest of the best. The system is based upon access to information that the others just don’t have.

There is the sharps data to start with. Included in the GA system are actual picks from sharp players all over the world. Also included are NBA expert picks from professional handicappers all over the internet.

There is also an internal team that spends loads of time analyzing and capping games and providing picks and predictions. Finally, there is the wealth of data from and Gracenote, which includes information like line movements, betting trends, and statistics. 

All of this data combines to develop consistently intelligent algorithms that make up the revolutionary advice system. It is this system that puts Game Advisers at the top of the list among NBA expert picks websites.