NFL Schedule Week 2 Action is Tonight

Jets invading Buffalo brings in the start of NFL Schedule Week 2 Wagering action for all of America.  Welcome back to APEX Sports Betting and today we focus on the NFL. Marvelous job by the schedule makers to introduce us to most every Thursday with a game to wet our appetites. Here we have two AFC East teams that are in dire circumstances and we have only played one game.  Why is the betting almost one sided in this so far is just one of the angles we will look at right now at APEX Sports.

NFL Schedule Week 2 : Up Front Information

What the bettor wants is the lay of the land set out before him.  Glitzy graphics are great but we desire information to set the logical process on the correct path.  Bookmarked in our browser, NFL Schedule Week 2 immediately gives me each week’s fare on my mobile device or pc at home.  I can quickly scan and let my instincts get to work.  Thursday night popped out not only because it was first but because it carried so much meaning.  Last game also gave me a case of the grins.  Carson Wentz is going to find out that every week one does not get to face the softness of the Cleveland Browns.

On to the Betting : Odd Movements

For as much one sided action the Jets are getting is the antithesis of the lack of movement in the Bears game on Monday Night.  Defensive line pushes that New York will allow them to get into the backfield of the already struggling Bills offense.  Bears on the other hand had a decent loss at the hands of the Texans.  Now they get to see the film on the Eagles QB and present him with complex looks.  This game has not move off of the -3 on the Bears and it is a crime.  Printing money on Monday Night is what comes to mind.

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