Plunder the Perks Before Football Arrives


Summer gives the sports investor the time to plunder the perks before football arrives.  Sportsbooks will be clamoring as kickoff nears but those that are in the know realize that July is the time to invest in your sports wisdom.  Good Afternoon and welcome to APEX Sports Betting.  Today we examine the advantages of getting in the game right now.  So let us get our bankrolls in prime position to make those decisive moves right now.

Plunder the Perks : Sportsbook Selection

The landscape is littered with fly by night organizations once August hits.  Companies with a dream to make it big by lasting the football season on the hope that the public will be consistently wrong in their selections.  This is counter productive to those that want a safe and sound environment to wager in.  The sportsbooks that have a prominent public presence in the slowest of seasons are the ones most to trust.  Baseball is a game of patience best served by a book that has been offshore for at least a decade.  Those that have a rock solid reputation for prompt payouts will be here through thick and thin.  Companies like America’s Bookie have the financial resources to keep operating costs separate from existing bankrolls.  Ample assets to pay and provide top tier customer service in every season.

Free Plays to Proliferate Profit

One of numerous perks covered by is the free play. This allows you to place risk free wagers on any event you choose.  Try your hand at the Olympics, British Open, or on leans in baseball.  Be successful and your winnings are placed in your account.  Lose and nothing leaves your established bankroll.  Perfect to get that bankroll blooming by the time that fall comes around.  Here is the important aspect of wagering that people do not realize.  The mental muscles seem to suffer if not kept in practice.  Those that want to just jump into football have to fight through the fog to get the reflexes sharp.  Baseball and the other summer sports keeps your instincts sharp with a developed touch of feel ready to pounce when kickoff comes our way.

Now is the time to make the commitment to yourself.  UFC200 is here this weekend.  EURO 2016 final is also coming up.  Olympic games and the British Open.  Plenty of entertainment plus profit ready to be plucked.  Make that move to believe in yourself.  Contact Americas Bookie and make that bold move right now.