Prep Work : NBA Free Agency July 1st

Most everything you know about the NBA could change after July 1st.  Good afternoon to all of us here at APEX Sports Betting.  With high profile stars like Kevin Durant and LeBron James free to roam wherever they may, the power structure even for the NBA Champions could be in flux.  Salary cap increase means teams will spend.  Let us do the prep work with you right now to see what the world might look like when the music stops on NBA Free Agency.

#1 By Default

LeBron leads the market but most everyone agrees that he will stay for the Cavs.  Therefore Kevin Durant is the highest prize in the land.  Rumors of the Clippers pitching him the idea of a Big Four has fans salivating in LA.  Rumors of Golden State pop up.  Washington is in contention.  Or he could stay just where he is at.

Slow Afoot

Now the next three in most people’s top five are centers.  This is odd because they age badly and slow down offenses to a stand still.  The selling point is what Cleveland was able to do with their big men to stop Golden State.  Al Horford is the most balanced with Hassan Whiteside and Andre Drummond being young enough to make them viable for a long term contract.  Knicks are going dysfunctional again and will probably sign a badly aging Noah.  Dwight Howard is even going to get some love so slow is back in vogue this year.

Lack of Guards

Demarr can demand big bucks because this Raptor guard is about the only stellar one in free agency.  For a pure point guard, Mike Conley makes the short list because he has no glaring weakness and this is a dying breed of player.  Lin and Rondo are going to get yet another look because there is little else out there to get besides the trade route.

Do your work and be prepared.  Lots of small pieces could propel a team just as well as Durant does.  Lots of big men so look for the league to slow down some.  Opening of the free agent season is Friday and Americas Bookie could not be happier.  Good fortune in your sports investments and we will see you next time here at APEX SPorts Betting.