Sporting Betting Calendar for Spring 2019

  Spring started on March 20th 2019 and ends on June 21st 2019. Spring is one of the best times to be a sports bettor, as there’s so much going on. We just witnessed Virginia take down the NCAA Basketball Championship and the MLB season is now underway. What else is coming up on the

NFL Football Betting – Rules to Live By

The time has come for sports bettors all over the world to get the money in, make that proverbial deposit to the sportsbook of choice, and get in the groove. Get in now while the sportsbooks are offering great bonus deals and free contests. This week kicks off the first preseason game and we couldn’t

How Does Your Sportsbook Stack Up?

With literally hundreds of sporting events to bet on nowadays, you would think that finding a top tier online sportsbooks would be easy. It is certainly easy to find an online bookie but not so easy to find one that’s honest and that comes with an outstanding reputation. We know the tricks of the trade

NASCAR Futures Who’s A Great Bet?

Charlotte North Carolina is the destination to be at this coming weekend as the drivers get ready for a pavement ball. NASCAR in general is getting more play from the online bookmakers than ever before and that’s due in large part to popularity and predictability. Although there are usually 30-40 cars in any given race,

NHL’s Road to The Stanley Cup Finals

The NHL is maybe the most fun sport of all the four major sports to bet on. It’s a very fast game and there is nonstop action for three periods. Think for a minute if you will, have you ever tried your hand at ice skating? It’s not easy. Skating is certainly fun but there

NBA Championship – Eastern Conference Playoff Preview

The NBA regular season is finally concluded and with it comes the time to start the NBA's so-called 2nd season. NBA playoff basketball is a different game from what is often seen in the regular season as defensive intensity increases, every possession matters, and stars power never shines brighter. While the West is generally viewed

NFL Football – $5000 last man standing Contest

The NFL is back and better than ever. Every football gambler has waited and even suffered through the brutally long off season. It’s that time of year again when players need to get that account funded and ready for action. The question on everybody’s mind is; where to go? What sportsbook out there really meets

Surprising College Football 2016 Developments

Coming into this college football week, some clear patterns have presented themselves.  Great to see everyone here again at APEX Sports Betting.  This time we will unearth these trends to pound plays this week and in the future at Americas Bookie.  So get the bankrolls loaded for some carnage right now here at APEX Sports.

NFL Schedule Week 2 Action is Tonight

Jets invading Buffalo brings in the start of NFL Schedule Week 2 Wagering action for all of America.  Welcome back to APEX Sports Betting and today we focus on the NFL. Marvelous job by the schedule makers to introduce us to most every Thursday with a game to wet our appetites. Here we have two

Boxing News : GGG Wins Fight of the Year over Kell Brook

London had firsthand what the rest of us had to watch on tv to see Boxing News in the making.  Wonderful to see everyone here again at APEX Sports Betting.  Battle of the titans between Genneaddy Golovkin and Kell Brook just ended.  Aggressive from start to end demonstrated to the world what the Sweet Science