Start of the Summer of Sports


Summer has arrived with plenty of sports wagering opportunities to keep us in profit until Autumn arrives.  Good afternoon and welcome all to APEX Sports Wagering.  Today, we take a comprehensive look at the wagering buffet that is in front of us this June.  Lots of profitable opportunities abound for the bettor to build his bank.  So let us examine the offerings from Americas Bookie and other quality sportsbooks on the market today.

Summer of Sports : CFL Opener

Those that do not know what CFL stands for it translates into a license to print money.  The Canadian Football League opens up their regular season on June 23rd.  Each team play the other two times during the season.  Nine franchises in total so the talent pool is not diluted.  Quality entertainment value with a good deal of predictability for your handicapping work.  Games spread out over the week so that most do not go off at the same time as another.  A very viable out to train your brain for football again.

Banner Events

UFC200 is coming up.  The marque numbers in this promotion offer star studed cards with a fab night of fights.  Grand slam events are on the horizon with golf and tennis.  Wimbledon and the US Open bring out huge ML underdog upset potential to your wallet.  MLB’s All Star game brings a bounty of props to the other festivities like the Home Run contest.  Even on the 4th of July, one can beat the Hot Dog eating contest at Coney Island.  Loads of profit and unique spectacle over the summer for all of us.

This is just the start of the summer wagering season.  Check in with APEX Sports Betting each week as we roll out more dishes on the buffet of value.  Load up at Americas Bookie for your massive Free Play promo you can collect right now.  Good fortune and we will see you next time here at APEX Sports.