Surprising College Football 2016 Developments

Coming into this college football week, some clear patterns have presented themselves.  Great to see everyone here again at APEX Sports Betting.  This time we will unearth these trends to pound plays this week and in the future at Americas Bookie.  So get the bankrolls loaded for some carnage right now here at APEX Sports.

Biggest Duds

Have to start out with the Big 12.  Hard to recover from the numerous missteps on landmines that the banner schools went through.  This goes way beyond Oklahoma being 1-2.  Baylor is the highest ranked team and they are sort of taboo right now because of all the off the field stuff.  Committee will take that into account if all things being equal.  Best stat to descirbe their ineptness is

  • Big 12 3-10 against the other Power Five Conferences

Other impression is that the Pac-12 rep USC is 1-2.  Not wildly surprising but they have been beaten down ugly both in the box score and on the field.  Alabama and Stanford licked their chops and demoted them to a practice team.  Hard to believe that they are only +3 at Utah.  Should be much higher of a dog.

What We Like

First off fade Louisville.  Stock has never been as high.  People going crazy about them.  Visiting Marshall could have back door or out right covers by the Thunder Herd.  Clemson looks anything but dominant against Georgia Tech and that line will be out of kilter as well.  Go against Louisville spreads next couple of weeks.  Florida opponents team totals should be gold.  So shall their game against the Volunteers.  Strong defense with improvements at QB.  This is where you should strike.

Big events each day of the weekend for football.  College should be more profitable but both give us gifts each week to our bankrolls.  Good fortune to your ventures and we will see you next time here at APEX Sports Betting.