Surprising College Football 2016 Developments

Coming into this college football week, some clear patterns have presented themselves.  Great to see everyone here again at APEX Sports Betting.  This time we will unearth these trends to pound plays this week and in the future at Americas Bookie.  So get the bankrolls loaded for some carnage right now here at APEX Sports.

NFL Schedule Week 2 Action is Tonight

Jets invading Buffalo brings in the start of NFL Schedule Week 2 Wagering action for all of America.  Welcome back to APEX Sports Betting and today we focus on the NFL. Marvelous job by the schedule makers to introduce us to most every Thursday with a game to wet our appetites. Here we have two

2016 US Open Wagering

Flushing Meadows is in the swing of things as 2016 US Open Wagering is already seen some huge profits.  The atmosphere and weather have worn down even some of the higher seeds.  Good afternoon and thank you for checking in with APEX Sports Betting.  Today, we look at not only the recent events here but

College Football : Ole Miss 2016 Boom or Bust?

Ole Miss 2016 is one of those mystery teams entering college football’s regular season.  Great to see everyone back at APEX Sports Betting.  We are not making the argument that the Rebels will be awful.  However, on the cusp of two straight wins against Alabama that their potential might never now be realized.  Was this

Preseason NFL Action has Arrived!

Sticky paint from the Hall of Fame game can not prevent Preseason NFL action from arriving today.  August 11th sees five games set to go off for wagering this Thursday.  Great to see everyone back again at APEX Sports Betting.  While summer sports are still in swing, football is gearing up for another profitable season.

NFL Sportsbook Reviews

Time to read up on NFL Sportsbook reviews to know where the most welcome waters are to wade into for your sports speculation.  Thank you for checking back in with us here at APEX Sports Betting.  People all over the nation are tuning into their local teams to see the start of mini camps.  The

Plunder the Perks Before Football Arrives

  Summer gives the sports investor the time to plunder the perks before football arrives.  Sportsbooks will be clamoring as kickoff nears but those that are in the know realize that July is the time to invest in your sports wisdom.  Good Afternoon and welcome to APEX Sports Betting.  Today we examine the advantages of

Prep Work : NBA Free Agency July 1st

Most everything you know about the NBA could change after July 1st.  Good afternoon to all of us here at APEX Sports Betting.  With high profile stars like Kevin Durant and LeBron James free to roam wherever they may, the power structure even for the NBA Champions could be in flux.  Salary cap increase means

Start of the Summer of Sports

  Summer has arrived with plenty of sports wagering opportunities to keep us in profit until Autumn arrives.  Good afternoon and welcome all to APEX Sports Wagering.  Today, we take a comprehensive look at the wagering buffet that is in front of us this June.  Lots of profitable opportunities abound for the bettor to build

How to Bet NFL Futures : Offensive Rookie of the Year

APEX Sports brings you our How to Bet NFL Futures feature that highlights one wager of extreme value for the upcoming 2016 regular season.  Each year the NFL Draft creates excitement not only for most franchises but also in the mind of the football handicapper.  Projecting the success or failures can now bring us much