Top Three Tips for Betting on Baseball

Betting on MLB is a long grind, think of it as a marathon not a sprint, you’re unlikely to get rich quick by wagering on baseball, but you can make slower long-term growth of your bankroll.

The number one reason most bettors lose money long-term is because they’re not selective.

Here are the top three tips for betting on baseball:

#1 Shop for the Best Betting Line

It doesn’t how much you bet per game or how often you bet. Getting the best line is one of the most important ways to win long-term. Even a casual baseball bettor will likely have 200+ bets throughout a season. You can add hundreds or even thousands to your bottom line by line shopping.

You need to ensure you’re only using trusted MLB bookies, though. I recommend the list of bookies at You can trust every bookie they review and that’ll give you a good base of bookie accounts to work with, so that you never get the worst of a line again.

#2 Bankroll Management

Managing your bankroll is subjective and will depend on the size of your bankroll. Ideally, you should never bet more than 5% of your bankroll and that should even be rare if you’re properly funded.

However, a lot of bettors are working with small bankrolls (<$500). While you may be tempted to bet a large percentage of your bankroll on a single game, you need to refrain. Let’s say you have a $100 bankroll. You should be betting $20/game at most until you can grind up your bankroll.

Keep in mind, if you’re betting 20% of your bankroll on an MLB game, you’re most likely going to go broke and have to redeposit at some point, but it’s not very exciting betting $2/game.

#3 Study, Study and Study Some More

You’re not going to win consistently betting blindly. You need to immerse yourself in the world of baseball. You need to follow the latest MLB news, injuries, line-up moves and everything else.

One way to help out with this is to use an all-encompassing website. Scores and Stats (SAS) is one of the leading Baseball betting information portals on the web. They provide MLB handicappers with the latest baseball news, betting information, live odds and free MLB picks by experts.

Don’t limit your handicapping to just the players. In baseball, it’s important to handicap the umpires, ballpark factors and weather, among other things. I know some handicappers that only use umpire trends when handicapping. You need to look outside of the box to win long-term.

What Should You Do If You Don’t Have Time to Handicap MLB Games? is America’s leading MLB handicapping platform. They employ a team of MLB handicappers to comb through the data, betting lines and news daily to formulate picks. I’m also a huge fan of the system plays, which are tracked throughout the season as well as back tested.

The team behind GameAdvisers trust the product they’ve developed so much that they’re offering free accounts to everyone. There’s also a premium service with no restrictions and predictions on every single baseball game, but everyone gets access to daily picks, even free accounts.